Sarah Hirsch

Originally from Miami, Sarah began her dance training at the age of thirteen in Italy and moved to Rome on a Scholarship to the DAF Dance Arts Faculty to specialize in contemporary studies with numerous international choreographers and Companies including NDT, Batsheva, ENB and Akram Khan. After working for In and Out ballet for three years, she began working as a free-lance dancer for the Opera Theatre of Cagliari and for Asmed dance company. 

Her latest works in London include a short film to raise awareness for MS and Big Shaq’s Man Don’t Dance music video.

When teaching, Sarah focuses her attention on the desire to move, a characteristic which comes alive in her classes where she balances technique with fun and creativity.

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Deidre Murray-Wallace

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Deirdre is a dancer who has been training in a variety of genres since the age of 3. 

In 2017 she graduated from the Sydney based dance college ‘Village Nation’ with her certificate IV in dance. Deirdre has performed for SIA, Mardi Gras, Australian Rugby matches, charity events and Hip Hop internationals, as well as worked in film and ITV. She has trained with some of Australia’s leading industry professionals, and has been teaching for 6 years. Deirdre is very inspired by London’s dance scene and what it has to offer, and absolutely loves teaching for Jazz Addict.

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Hanna Wardman

Originally from Canberra, Australia, Hanna began her dance training in a variety of styles sat the age of 3.

She moved to Sydney at the age of 18 to complete her studies in dance. In 2016 she graduated from a Sydney Performing Arts School ‘Village on Broadway’ with her certificate IV in dance and a diploma in musical theatre. Hanna has performed for the CLIA Awards, Mardi Gras, Australian Olympics farewell, Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Sydney Kings Entertainment and The Voice. She has also performed in various TV and films. Since moving to the UK Hanna has trained with many well known dancers and choreographers and is inspired by the dance scene on this side of the world. 

Hanna loves teaching JazzAddict and providing her knowledge and creativity to the new generation of dancers in her classes.